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First of all welcome and thank you for visiting The Daily Buff.

The Buff I am referring to is not the rippling pectorals of an Greek Adonis or abdominal definition of an Amazon Warrior. It is my favourite type of Buff. The Buff of the nerd.

To Buff means to get better, to improve, to develop.

Primarily you can Buff yourself. Cheeky. This means developing yourself with new abilities, building skill trees, and boosting your core stats (Strength first obviously). Secondly you can even get Buffed by outside influences that are not in your control. Like when a games developer makes a weaker character stronger in an update.

Or the opposite of this...

You Nerf yourself by taking unhelpful actions that set you back rather than forward. You can get Nerfed by outside influences here as well. A third Nerfing can also occur by waiting around when all other characters are busy Buffing themselves up.

Let me give you a snippet of some classic self inflicted Nerfing from the history books of yours truly:


  • Choosing a field of study at university based almost entirely on seeing how much my neighbour earned, and not on what actually interested me. Intelligent I know.

  • Never picking up a book, by choice, until the age of 21. I blame the old man and the sea. Sorry Ernest.

  • Buying a fresh out of the showroom car that I was not able to afford comfortably... For 4 years!

  • Believing spirituality started and ended at religion, and as not a "religious" person, did nothing to focus on this at that time.

  • Not thinking of situations as relevant as they did not impact on me in an obvious way.

Pretty good going there slick!

So what about now?

Now I focus on the Buff, in as simple a way as possible.

I love simplicity, it makes our choices and direction so much clearer. Like turning muddy water into less muddy water. In order to get to a point of simplicity we must absorb the over-detailed, often contradicting information around us, to then be able to condense this down and make our own decisions.

This is where The Daily Buff comes in.

The Daily Buff is here to create a community for protagonists who are driven but thirst for clarity and personal direction. Folk like us who are consistently bombarded with info that we end up feeling unsure of our choices leading to unnecessary stress and lost on where to start.

Here we will discuss matters where it can be difficult to find like-minded people to chat with. I can certainly associate here. These include themes around Personal Development, Personal Finance, challenging our own Behaviours, and Spirituality. As I love simplicity. Did I mention that? We will look into these spicy topics and identify where we are Buffing or Nerfing ourselves.

My intention is for The Daily Buff to offer short, razor sharp, and (eventually) frequent posts to help all characters focus on what matters to us and simplify how we get there. Then we can start conversations within our communities, both at The Daily Buff, and in “real life”. See this like the tutorial before you go on to play your own game, hopefully on a simpler difficulty setting. Expert mode anyone? No?

Life is a sandbox and The Daily Buff is our chosen server.

We are all following our own storylines and mine is far from over.

Are you ready to pick yours up alongside me?

Great, then let’s begin.

A good place to start is here. No not on the here, but on this ice cream cone. Go on press it.






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