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First of all, thank you for coming to read The Daily Buff blog.

There has been a huge shift in my journey as I write posts on here and you may notice this if you read and compare earlier posts to more recent ones.

Essentially, the deeper we go into personal development and personal finance, the closer we return to spirituality.

There are only so many questions we can ask before we get to something much bigger than us. To start questioning and exploring God or Being. And this is coming from someone who does not class themselves as religious (whatever that means).

What seemed like the most important aspects of personal development and personal finance, started to become secondary.

This is now to the point where I honestly believe if we center on our spiritual development as a primary focus, then personal development will follow.

This also goes for financial matters. After focusing on spiritual development, I became wealthier without even focusing on it. How ridiculous does that sound?

The irony is that the more we learn about spirituality, it begins to make us question why we wanted some of those external successes and achievements in the first place.

What I, and probably most of us are after, is Happiness. Success and Happiness are two completely different things and are not connected in the way I was led to initially believe.

There are two reasons for The Daily Buff, one is to simply find a way to write down thoughts and learning to be able to see the natural movement in content. Second is that if one other person read a single post and this plants seeds in their mind to increase their happiness over time, awesome!

Who is to know the direction future posts will take, they will occur when they occur.


So enjoy reading a few posts, subscribe at the bottom of this page if you want to be kept updated when new posts arrive, and please get in touch.


GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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