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Personal Coaching

I hope you are enjoying my blog posts - now for something new!

After 12 years of coaching over 500 people on behalf of other businesses, it is time to make the leap of faith and start offering personal coaching.

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Welcome to True-Self Coaching

No one has been stuck in a traffic jam forever, although it can feel like it at the time. Some are big, long disruptions that take hours, some are those phantom jams where it seems to clear up out of nowhere. Ultimately, you will get to where you're going.

Behind certain doors you have the answers to any of the jams you feel you're in. 


What we need at times is somebody to be in our corner, ask the right questions and discuss the topics that enable you to open those doors yourself rather than someone pushing you through them.

A true Coach will never tell you what to do and I have faith in you that you can reach those conclusions yourselves.

You don't need added pressure to get through a jam. Pressure can be a hindrance rather than helpful. Some coaches focus on pushing you from behind, I will stand by your side and walk, or simply stand still with you if that's what is needed.

You are exactly where you need to be right now and I will meet you there, no judgement attached and accepting whatever you bring.

Focusing on the present and deciding on the action we can take today, is far more helpful for us than setting goals far into the future. After all, the future is simply a chain of present decisions we make in the moment.

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To book a free introductory call, with no obligation, please contact Warrick on

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