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How to start your own revolution

You have the power to change the whole economy

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Have you noticed how quickly certain companies have fallen into serious trouble after not receiving their regular profits for a few months?

Granted, some of these companies were in hot water anyway and this has been the icing on the cake.

This has been a reminder to us all that companies need our money, it is that simple.

Never forget the power that you have with the cash in your coin pouch. You control if the majority of companies survive, thrive, or melt away. Simply by deciding to spend your money on their goods or whether you prefer to shop elsewhere.

Your own mini revolution in your pocket!

It surprises me how some people discuss having multiple, crap experiences in a restaurant and still continue to eat at the same place.

Or, somebody who buys a pair of trousers that get a hole in them after 2 months of wear, so they buy a second pair of exactly the same pair of trousers because it is easy and they know what to expect.

If I have a bad experience that hasn't seen me too far out of pocket, I would rather use my energy finding another place to take my business in the future than spend it complaining to that company for a £5 gift voucher to use at their crap company again.

What about when we are hearing news reports of major ethical concerns that you care deeply about, from a company that you continue to make purchases from. Environmental concerns we may have are also relevant here.

When we buy something from a company we are either intentionally or unintentionally supporting that company and what they stand for.

We have the power to shift what these companies need to focus on if they want to continue to keep our business and survive.

In the opposite sense, other companies that you truly believe in and support will need your business more than ever.

We control a huge part of the economy by what we decide to spend our money on.

It is common to rely on habits for what we buy and where we buy them. It makes the whole decision making process easier. This is why people end up in situations where we buy products we don't really like, from companies we don't want to support.

This is also why you will get your £5 voucher when making a complaint, it keeps our habit in place and our habits are an absolute goldmine.

Money can play a large part in our purchasing decisions. Sometimes we love what a company offers but simply cannot afford the asking price.

Minimalism can be a great place to pick up some guidance when facing situations like this. Minimalism is not about being cheap but instead focusing on buying those fewer things that we actually enjoy more.

A quick example I can think of would be around free range eggs. They are quite a bit more expensive than eggs from battery hens but if it meant greater happiness to me for the same price, buying 6 free range eggs rather than 12 battery hen eggs, then it is a trade I am willing to make.

Or I will buy 12 free range eggs and drop something else off my shopping list I could do without.

If nobody bought eggs from battery hens then only free range eggs would exist.

The same could be said about nearly everything else.

What mini revolution do you want to be part of?



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