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You are the CEO, so get yourself a new door sign

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Would you change the way things were run if you were the CEO of the company you work for? After all, the Chief Executive Officer is the person who makes some of the biggest decisions within the company. They can change the direction of operations, reallocate resources and will be the public face if it all goes to pot.

Would you make better informed decisions, swap your priorities and dress smarter?

What if we are all CEOs of (insert your name) Ltd?

I get that we are not formally registered under HMRC, maybe because of how long that would take to process. That, and it is just a metaphor.

You are the CEO and lead decision maker in the trading, marketing and development of your biggest asset... You.

We have agreed and signed a contract on how much we are willing to get paid for the service we provide (our salary). We can take up multiple services at any time and therefore have agreed on the amount of time per week we conduct those services.

We decide on how much we spend on our business for things like transportation. We can accept jobs 2 miles away or 100 miles away and realise how much extra this would cost us. We also decide on how expensive the mode of transport is to get to places where we have agreed to provide our service.

It can sometimes feel like we are controlled by those who have employed us, but nothing could be further from the truth. What we have done as the CEO of Me Ltd is sign a contract agreeing to the terms of that company and at any point we can give the required resignation notice. We could do it today if we really wanted to.

Your manager is only another CEO of their own company being paid to provide the service of making sure that the team your involved in are adhering to their agreement.

Just because that person is employed to manage your work that does not make them the manager of Me Ltd.

You even decide on how much you pay yourself. This is the money that is used to provide security (emergency funds) and generate additional income (investments) to your company. Any company that spends all of its resources by the end of each month on business meals, entertaining customers and buying presents for employees eventually runs the risk of going into bankruptcy. Though some treats are worth it.

A company cannot assume that it will improve and develop without an injection of time, money and creativity, so why would we think differently about Me Ltd? We want to develop our only product (ourselves) so that it becomes more valuable to future agreements, can complete services more efficiently and would harm other businesses to drop. Old systems (habits) can be adapted and improved to fit desired needs.

Some people already formally own a registered company. I believe these are branches underneath Me Ltd. If one day The Daily Buff made any money then it would just be owned by Warrick Ltd.

People place much of their self purpose/worth into the work that they do. If this is directed into Me Ltd, which is a company that will stay alive as long as you do, then leaving a job and even being fired will not remove that purpose as our core company still exists.

So let's change the sign on the front of your office door. I have always wanted one of them Toblerone shaped plaques on my desk. Now is the time.

Like this, if my name was Reception.



CEO of Warrick Ltd

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