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Am I going to lose my job?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

How to deal with worries that we may lose our job.

Hello fellow Protagonists,

News reports this week have been saying that more than 650,000 people in the UK have now already lost their jobs through the backlash of the COVID-19 pandemic.

650,000 is a serious number and sadly we cannot be naïve to think that more people will not be affected and that we could very well be one of those people.

Naturally we can be left wondering if we are next, where many of us may be feeling anxious or worried.

It is at times like these where we need to re-visit the wisdom that we have gained from philosophy and from our own previous experiences.

Here are some key pieces of wisdom from readings around stoicism and spirituality that can help us when worries about job losses kick in.

What is happening today

If we have still got our jobs today, then that is something to be grateful for. We may worry that we are going to lose our jobs but until that actually happens, it hasn’t happened.

That means we are still in the game!

Anxiety comes from the future, not the present moment. If we are as fully immersed in the moment as possible then there is less space to worry about what is to come.

Worry can have secondary impacts on us, like taking over our thinking and decreasing our performance in our roles because we are not focusing on what we are doing.

We can shift our focus on making sure that we provide the most value we can at the job we do in the present moment.

Valuable team members may be just what the company needs to stay afloat.

It might not be the whole company going bust, the company may need to lay part of the workforce off. If you had to get rid of a member of your team, would you choose your most valuable adventurer?

If we did then go on to lose our job, we can leave knowing we put in what we could and it was likely to happen regardless.

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” - Leo Buscaglia

What is in my control

A core concept behind stoicism is in realising that there are things in our control and things that are not in our control and being wise means knowing the difference.

We are in control about how the think and act, that is all.

We all have a limited amount of willpower each day and that can get used up in any way we decide it to. That energy will drop whether we are using our willpower stores to crack on with important tasks or to use it to worry instead.

Spending willpower on something we cannot change is like filling up a bucket of water with a hole in the bottom.

“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose” ― Eckhart Tolle

what if it does happen

It is not always negative to think about bad things happening to us. We can use this to prepare for situations and begin to plan what we would do if it was to occur.

If we do go on to lose our job then this becomes a challenge where we can prove our ability to manage this situation, both emotionally and pragmatically.

“I judge you unfortunate because you have never lived through misfortune.

You have passed through life without an opponent—no one can ever know

what you are capable of, not even you.” – Seneca

Spend time on solutions rather than worries.

Time to ask ourselves questions about whether we should be putting more money aside whilst we have a salary.

What would be the first subscriptions we would cancel or possessions we would sell?

Is our CV up to date and ready to go off today if needed?

What would have to happen if my partner lost their job?

Could we use this opportunity to our advantage to start something we never would have done without this kick up the ass?

Blessings sometimes come in the strangest packages.

Think about what could go wrong, accept that it is a possibility, prepare for it, proceed anyway. Don’t be caught by surprise by misfortune, be ready for it.” - Ryan Holiday

Bonus tip: remember its the news

Don't forget that businesses are trying to sell stories and fear sells. Try to take the facts from the fear-mongering and work from there. Even with statistics these can always be played around with to get the picture someone is trying to paint.

Ever noticed how 9/10 dentists seem to agree with everything!

The statistics above does show there is a problem and my thoughts are with those who have lost their job due to COVID-19.

The way we view situations isn't something, it's everything. Keep your chin up Protagonists.



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