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Is it OK to feel that you are the centre of everything?

Is it narcissistic to see yourself as the centre of the universe?

Hello fellow Protagonists,

It has been a long time! If you are re-joining reading my posts, thank you. If you are a new reader then welcome.

Today we are going to consider if it is narcissistic of somebody to see themselves as the centre of the universe.

Is it possible to see ourselves as the centre of the universe without a grandiose sense of self-importance? Some may see this view as being the very definition of the term narcissistic.

It is easy to see how somebody comes to this conclusion.

Everything that happens is either inside or outside of our awareness. If something occurs and I am not aware of it, then until I am made aware of it how does it exist? We have a sphere around us of what we sense and for all intents and purposes, this is our universe.

The important point of this statement is that if we have a sphere of awareness through our senses (our universe) then so does every other person in the world. While we are at it, as long as we are referring to spheres of sense as a general term, not just including senses that humans possess, then so does every living thing on the planet.

Does a tree not sense when it is summer or winter? Is it not aware?

Maybe not in the same conscious sense as us humans pride ourselves on, but yes, they are.

Then maybe we are the centre of the universe as much as every other living thing is also the centre of the universe. Could it be the case that in order to appreciate the equal importance of all things, the first step is in recognising our own personal centre in the universe. It is from here that we are then able to understand everyone and everything else being in the same situation.

There may be a subtle difference between being the centre of "the" universe and the centre of "my" universe. In reality my universe is the universe, as it is the only one I am aware of.

An unlimited number of universes bind together from everything, in order to create all of being. It is only in these universes being individually distinct that they are able to witness one another and be aware of its own existence. Fragments of life or of God, depending on personal viewpoint.

I am careful to use the word distinct rather than separate.

If you thought the initial statement of this post was narcissistic, wait until you here this one. There is also an argument to suggest then that not only is each one of us the centre of the universe, but also God... Congratulations I guess.

OK, lets tone it back down.

As we know, each one of us has an unthinkable number of cells and systems inside our bodies. Each doing their job, some are helping you grown and get jacked, others are sending signals that, after you third rotisserie chicken, you are now full. Some cells are even trying to cause you harm as others beat them up for you. So let's play a game and answer this question,

Which single cell is at the center of this universe that you call your body?

There are an estimated 30 trillion of the things in there so good luck with that. All 30 trillion cells sense in their own way and are able to provide the functions they are there to do. So, similarly to the example of the tree, they are aware.

If these cells were not aware of what task to do, we would all be dead and you would not be able to argue the case you are about to make. Expand what we think by awareness.

30 trillion centres of the universes inside each of us and able to sense its own sphere. It may be a tiny sphere but it is still a sphere. One cell alone would not survive, it is part of an intricate and expansive force that make up your body.

There is no singular centre cell, they are all at the centre. They also need each other even though they may not be fully "aware" of this. They need each cell to be it's own centre of it's own universe in order to carry out its function that keeps the collective alive.

In other words, I need each and every cell to be thinking about it's own sphere/universe to be able to impact on the other spheres within their own spheres, and therefore the wider, collective universe.

Now blow that thought about cells out to the Earth, point and tell me which person is at the center?

Well, going by what has just been said.. all of you.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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Jan 18, 2022

Welcome back! missed your insights.

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