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This is what was missing to finally build wealth.

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

How spiritual development can lead you to building wealth

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Who out there has read a personal finance book or two... or ten?

After a decade of reading personal finance books and soaking in their principles, I will be honest, I did not feel any wealthier. I found that sometimes it can actually lead to the opposite way of thinking, of how far behind we might be towards financial targets and methods that are advised.

Not what I was after and I bet you would say the same.

This is only another form of comparing ourselves to something else (including who or where we think we should be), which never ends well.

Some books have helpful tips here and there. Please, allow me save you hundreds of hours of reading and sum up 90% of personal finance in one sentence...

Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.

The other 10% is just what to do with those investments. Too many people worry greatly about what they will do with their investments rather than focusing on making that money available in the first place.

Sugar coat it how you will, this is personal finance 101. Any financially-based articles about hints and tips on saving methods, goal setting or side hustling is basically all relating back to this one golden sentence.

And we all already know this! You know that if you have more left over at the end of the month you will become wealthier over time.

If any person managed to save £200 a month between the ages of 20-60 and invest it somewhere with a 10% interest rate on average (going by the average interest rate of the S&P 500 over the last 100 years) That person would have over £1.25M in that account.

We would potentially all be millionaires by 60.

So why doesn't every one of us who have, or could have, that spare £200 a month feel wealthy?

I propose that the main reason is because personal finance is not only a mathematical problem. I also don't believe it is only a mental problem ... But also a spiritual problem. I would go as far to say as the spiritual aspect is of primary importance and is usually the element that is forgotten.

We can split up the old Mind-Body-Spirit aspects of personal finance to build wealth as follows:

Body - Work more, work harder, do more overtime, get a second job.

Mind - Budget, buy cheaper or less often, work towards and ask for promotions, learn how to schmooze, etc...

So what goes into Spirit?

I am definitely not talking about spirituality in the sense of positive power statements, wishing wealth will come my way, law of attraction, 1990's PME stuff.

It's this side of spirituality that doesn't focus on material gain. The irony is that once I stopped focusing so much on material wealth, this was when it flowed my way.

Spirituality is about focusing internally, and therefore universally about meaning, purpose, death, the ego, fear and love, happiness and joy.

Which includes the principle that wealth and money may be linked in some way but are not the same thing.

These are the things that will finally lead us to wealth, as well as, ironically, more money.

Ask yourself "Is what I am currently doing working for me?"

My message to all is that if you have tried the approaches in Body and Mind and these have not seemed to work for you, there is the spiritual route which I honestly believe will provide you with what you are after.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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