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Why nobody else can "make" you a more spiritual person

The search for spirituality through another

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Who can make us more spiritual people? Is it the Buddhist monks, philosophers, social media influencers, The Daily Buff?

The answer is simple... None of these.

There is no cookie-cutter formula that can be applied to all of our lives in order to be more spiritual. Only we can make our own spiritual development happen and this is the reason why spirituality is seen by so many as such a strange concept.

Because we are all different.

We are so similar yet so different at the same time. So small yet part of something unimaginably infinite in size.

Our approach cannot be the same because what we want is not the same. To go one step further, what we think we want may also not be the same as what we actually want.

Do we even know what we want, what we think we want, and what the difference between the two is?

We are told to meditate about this and that, to give yoga a chance, to read a particular book, to breath in a certain way, fast for a certain length of time, write a journal. The list can be endless.

It is not that these are good or bad things, some work brilliantly for people. The problem comes when we feel somebody else is developing spiritually (or they tell us so) and we decide to copy what they do in order to reach the same outcome. We believe that a person can directly make us more spiritual.

In fact, directly applying the process of another person can bring us the complete opposite outcome of what we are after.

The primary cause of disorder in ourselves is the seeking of reality promised by another - J. Krishnamurti

This applies not just in the world of spirituality but also in other aspects of life. Think about business, relationships, and workout routines; just because we copy somebody does not mean we will reach the exact same outcome, or anywhere near for that matter.

There is a reason that certain spiritual leaders refer to themselves as "guides". I believe Krishnamurti is implying that other people could provide ideas and options but what they cannot do is guarantee the outcome. Whatever we mean by an outcome anyway.

That is for us to find out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg because what he also suggests is that by the very act of trying to seek a more enlightened state, makes it impossible to achieve. This doesn't matter whether we are seeking reality by another or seeking within ourselves.

This also applies to the very idea of trying to become more spiritual in the first place, as we are also comparing a base level of spirituality against something else, another form of seeking, which in turn is causing a similar effect.

So if your friends, family or colleague swears by hot yoga, you gave it a go and hated it... don't worry.

If you feel envious of another person's perceived level of spirituality... who is to know what that even is, it doesn't work like that.

If we get caught up wishing that we were more spiritual... seeking it means you wont find it.

It's kind of like the old Matrix quote "Stop trying to hit me, and hit me".

Don't try and be more spiritual... be spiritual.

As to what that means, only you will know.

And if you ever wake up and tell yourself that you have achieved it... this is unfortunately a sign that you have not.

Would a spiritual person admit that they have reached the peak and there is nothing left to learn? That is the ultimate mind fuck.

I am no more or less spiritual than you, you are no more or less spiritual than the person you are sitting next to.

You are you, you are as spiritual as you are, and whatever you implement does not change this. You will still be as spiritual as you are in that moment.

There is no end goal in this sandbox of a game adventurers.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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