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Is this it?

A thought that sounds bad but could be the start of something epic!

Hello fellow Protagonists,

How many of us have looked around at the things we have been able to achieve, gather, and experience, to still think to ourselves "Is this it".

"Is this all that life has got to give?" A strange feeling exists with an emptiness that seems impossible to fill.

We once thought that a new house would fill this void, or even a better paid job, or a new relationship. Perhaps a new car, new tattoos, changing the brand of tea we drink.

These may sound like thoughts to be worried about, or worried for other people if they build the courage to express them to us, or for us to admit these to ourselves.

Worried may not be the word.

Maybe they are thoughts teaching us that what we have been trying to fill this void with were not the correct things for us.

"Is this it" could be a coded way of saying, it is time to start focusing on something else, something internal rather than external.

Searching externally has not worked.

This may be accompanied with a sense of unease or boredom. Again, these are signs that we have not been involved enough in true and meaningful concerns, instead being focused on superficial concerns.

Superficial things that do not matter at the end of the day like the image we are trying to portray, or caring more about what is going on in the lives of characters in a series, or in celebrities than in our own mortality.

We have been grabbing for things on a horizontal axis, where it is now time to focus on the vertical axis.

Sometimes we may cover up these thoughts by going and finding something to entertain ourselves with, buying something new, or get a takeaway for the short high and distraction.

Trying to fix the problem with the exact thing that has caused it.

Leo Tolstoy, the writer of War and Peace, felt that by filling our lives with distraction and superficial gains and achievement we can only continue as long as we remain intoxicated, or drunk with life. It is when we grow sober that we can begin to see that we may have been playing the greatest trick of all on ourselves.

That there is a lot more to life, and that it is not found in the places we have been searching for, however many decades prior.

Focusing internally is another word for personal spiritual development.

The thought "Is this it" can occur at any time. Turns up every blue moon or for some is fairly consistent.

Safe to say I had this experience a few times in my life but the most influential was at aged 30.

"Is this it" has led to the beginnings of an adventure into personal and spiritual development that made the initial difficulty worth it.

A message to all that "Is this it" thinking is not just a bad or negative mindset, it may be the key to a developmental shift that will change your lives forever.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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