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I don't know who I am, do you?

The wonders of the form and the formless

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Is there a reason why so many of us are unsure of who we really are?

We know our name, our physical attributes and parts of what we believe to be our identity. These are the standard kind of things people mention when others ask us to talk about ourselves.

"This is me, this is my job, I have this many children and these are my hobbies. I am a thoughtful person who cares about the environment". So rehearsed it sounds like reading out a serial number.

If the question of "who am I" was as simple as this then nobody would need to ask this question more than once. We could just all skip through life without thinking any deeper.

Yet most people question this throughout their whole lives, some travel the world in order to attempt to find themselves, like their true self was hidden away somewhere. If we knew exactly who we are then we would have no difficulties finding out about our meaning or purpose in life.

916,000,000 results on Google when searching for the meaning of life would suggest that this is not the case.

The idea to put across to everyone today is, what if we are simply not meant to understand who we truly are. The fact we are asking ourselves this question of who we are and not knowing the answer could actually be a positive thing.

Allow me to explain.

The deeper we delve into the world of the spiritual, it becomes more clear that there are some things that hold a form (for example furniture, TV remotes, and human bodies), and some things that do not hold a form, also referred to as formless.

It is in human nature to try and put a form, an identity, a label on to everything. But does everything have a form to be able to label? We are inquisitive, always searching for answer and new ideas.

Formlessness needs to exist in order for form to exists. Like how good can only exist if bad exists, otherwise something wouldn't be good, it would just be, as there is nothing else it could be.

Between things we consider form , there needs to be the formless around it so that the form can be witnessed. Without the formless, or space, we would not be able to visually separate one person from another. Just some infinite human centipede in a 360 degree angle.

The formless also exists inside us all as well as around us. We may look like a solidly filled block but there is more space in us than form. Think about all the space in us on a molecular level. 7 Octillion atoms that form molecules and require space in order to move around our bodies to provide what they do. All atoms vibrate, and what does something need to vibrate... space.

This same concept also occurs in our mind. There is both form and formless.

Form is the thing we can label in our minds like thoughts, emotions, beliefs. Messages firing around the brain that can be scanned and monitored by specialist equipment. We can see different parts of the brain light up depending on the stimuli.

So where is the formless aspect, as that must also exist for the form to exist? Well that is whatever is witnessing these thoughts, emotions and beliefs. What is behind those thoughts.

Try and give that witness a name. Who is it who witnesses the forms (thoughts and emotions) of your mind. I might try and call it Warrick within me but that would be silly because Warrick is just a label of the form, not of the space. Warrick is what people can call me when they see me. My face, body, opinions, voice and other attributes is Warrick. It is not Warrick who witnesses Warrick internally.

It is impossible to name the formless because the formless, by its very nature, takes no form to give a name to.

The internal witness is not a "thing" but you still know it is there. It witnesses you reading out this blog post in your head.

As soon as we try to find a meaning to the formless we are missing the point. The very point of it is that there is no meaning. It just is.

Formlessness is space and space is consciousness, or what some people call God or being. When I discuss God in this concept I do not mean it from a particular religious concept, but rather away from religion. A separate entity called God or being.

Honestly try and label what God or being is. Go on, give it a try like you were on a TV quiz show.

Is it that simple, or is it in fact impossible? There is no form, it just is. Being is existing or life, which cycles back to being again.

The formless witness within us is the constant. It is the form in our mind that is forever changing.

If God or being is formless existence, does this mean that God is in fact the part of all of us that witnesses all existence? Now why would you go and open up that can of worms ey.

So maybe we are not meant to know who we really are because that aspect of "us" is formless. By asking that question we are chasing the impossible. And seeking formlessness automatically means we will not find it because there is nothing to find.

That we are just as capable of answering who we really are, as we are in describing or labeling God or being.

That I (us all) am simply the one who witnesses.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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