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Could getting in shape be the meaning of life that you are searching for?

Is getting into shape far more important than just improving our fitness

Hello fellow Protagonists,

It could be argued that adding meaning to our lives is found by moving from where we are to where we want to be. Trying to position ourselves towards a better future.

Sounds simple right?

This is where this topic suddenly becomes complex because what better means to me might be completely different to what better means to you, your neighbour, your green grocer, and your dog.

Meaning itself is also complicated as it is only a perception we have rather than something as simple as a box that we can all tick by completing a certain number of accomplishments in our lives.

If meaning can be found by believing that we are improving on what is in our control then maybe our own fitness is a good place for us to be aiming for.

We are all hopefully aware that getting into better shape, losing unwanted fat, improving our ability to perform cardio, and building muscle has many positive benefits.

I conducted a little 20 day experiment recently on myself around just that.

From improving the health of our heart and lowering blood pressure to releasing endorphins and just generally feeling better when we look in the mirror. The overall list is vast.

But what if there is something far deeper than this, on a spiritual level, to improving our fitness and getting ourselves into better shape.

What if improving our fitness really is "meaning of life" deep.

As mentioned, meaning is found in bettering our position for the future. We are also in control of our own fitness. We may have personal limitations, personal challenges and have also developed unhelpful habits along the way, but there are absolutely things we can all do to improve our fitness, even on a micro level.

This therefore means that we can add and find meaning.

Maybe realising just how important it is for us and our lives to focus on our fitness can influence our minds to move away from "Losing a stone would be nice" to "Losing a stone is part of my meaning and therefore my purpose".

I know which statement would make me put my gym shorts on and the cake back down!

Looking inwards and wanting to help ourselves may sound selfish but it really isn't. There is a reason why people say that we can't help others until we have helped ourselves.

When we know we are in a place moving towards our meaning, then we are more content and in a position to support others in finder their own meaning. When we are not focused on our meaning and feeling like we are not progressing, then that is when people can become bitter, resentful and envious of others. From my experience in life these are not positions that people come from to go on to help others.

The beauty of improving our fitness is that there are also clear markers that evidence how we are improving our lives and therefore finding meaning.

If we can now play in the back garden with our children or pets without getting out of breath after 5 minutes, this is reaching further meaning.

If we used to be able to lift 20kg off the floor and can now lift 40kg off the floor then we can now help our neighbour move a new washing machine in place. Meaning.

If we relieve pressure from our organs through changing our diet and lowering body fat, there is a chance (because we never really know) we may get to see more years on this planet. More time for even more meaning.

So if we are in a position where we want to improve our level of fitness, this is great news. This can now become part of our meaning in life, and it doesn't get much more important than that.

So tell me, does it sound "nice" to get in shape or a whole lot more than that?

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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