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Don't pass Sire, there's danger ahead

Who guards the gate to your growth

Hello fellow Protagonists,

When watching Medieval dramas, we have all probably noticed how most gates, bridges and important checkpoints are guarded, usually by some guy with an over-sized helmet, spear and shield.

Behind the guard is where the protagonist of the show wants to be, where their adventure continues. The guard isn't an enemy but is clearly preventing people from passing their gate.

As the protagonist strolls up to the gate the guard looks at them worryingly.

"You can't pass through here, it's too dangerous ahead" says the guard.

Whilst watching events unravel from the comfort of your settee, you have a think to yourself what would your options be if ever put in this situation:

  • Turn around - but if they do that then potential opportunities will be missed and the adventure could become boring. How is the story line going to progress if they don't get through?

  • Fight or threaten the guard - the guard could become defensive, aggressive and violence tends to have some negative outcome for both parties.

  • Try to divert and run past the guard - the guard could stop you, chase you or catch you. Running past the guard would also be of no help if the gate is locked.

  • Bribe the guard - assuming your bribe is good enough and could also see you lose something. A small bribe could offend the guard and then you definitely are not getting through

Now to make the situation more difficult, lets say that the guard cannot be killed, responds badly to threats, does not tire of arguing and watches you like a hawk as, despite any offer, the only thing they are totally interested in is your safety.

Are we stuck?

There is one more way and from experience of watching these kinds of shows, seems to work like a charm. That is to Influence the guard with confidence that you understand and appreciate the warning and that you know you will be fine and can deal with whatever danger is beyond the post.

A little smile here, pat on the back there and a gentle reminder of the harder dangers you have faced before. It may take a bit of convincing but trust me, it works like a charm.

The protagonist is through the gate and we can continue watching the series.

Why are you talking to me about Medieval guards?

Because these guards are not only found in dramas like The Last Kingdom (an amazing series if I may say so), they are also found around us all of the time.

Just not in a physical sense.

These are the type of guards that are created in our minds to protect us from the dangers of the unknown. To try out new things and start new adventures. These could be adventurers like: starting a new hobby, changing careers, making first steps to starting a business, going back to learning or meeting new people.

These guards defend their gates and as soon as we get near them will do whatever they can to persuade us to turn around.

They are not our enemy but these guards cannot be killed, can come up with reasons and criticisms for as long as they like and are completely focused on our safety as a priority. They want to roll you in bubble wrap and kiss you on the forehead.

These are the guards that would tell you that you can't pass the gates because of the following:

  • You will fail

  • You will be vulnerable in a new place

  • Other people won't approve

  • You do not have the experience

  • Other's have tried and failed

  • You are not ready yet

  • It is not a strength of yours

  • Other people do it better

The problem is that behind these gates are where opportunities and personal growth are found.

We all have these guards in place.

If we have tried to deal with our guards using threats, force, trickery and this has not worked, try to understand where they are coming from and let them know we are confident that we can deal with what is to come.

As mentioned above these guards are not the enemy and not there to pick a fight. Simply understand that they have been placed there for a reason, as they think they are protecting us from what is on the other side.

They have never been to the other side mind you. These are all rumours from other guards, in our minds and in the minds of other people that have spoken to us.

It could be all rainbows and butterflies, it could be a band of vikings. They don't know and neither will you until you get there.

If someone did warn you that they had actually seen a band of vikings and you still went out... what did you expect?



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