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Introducing the Mindful £100K series

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

4 weeks to learn how to achieve your first £100K in net worth... For free

Hello fellow Protagonists,

I am excited to share with you my new project.

Posts over the next 4 weeks are going to be focused on a series I am calling...

The Mindful £100K.

This series is designed to help adventurers like you achieve your first £100K in net worth, or to add another £100K to your existing net worth.

This will be posted up on The Daily Buff and therefore free for all you Buff folk.

I want to show you how starting the journey of building wealth is possible. We can all make decisions today that can move us in the direction of more financial freedom. To feel the eventual relief of no longer living pay check to pay check, as our American cousins say.

I have had concerns when reading certain guides in the past on building wealth that the way being explained in the guide is not the way the author themselves followed in order to make their money.

This series will show you exactly how I manage to reach my first £100K in personal net worth, no secrets and no hidden factors. I want to share with you the mind-set and financial principles I have used to get to this point.

I am not guiding you on how to be a millionaire because I am not one. I am not going to guide you on how to start a successful business because I have not started one yet. I am not going to guide you on how to make £1000 a day because I am yet to achieve something like that. But if you want to build a £100K net worth, now I know what I am talking about.

To reach my £100K I did not become an entrepreneur with a new idea. I am not even self-employed at this point in my life. Like the majority of workers in the UK I am employed. This is also not a get-rich-quick style of advice giving. If it was so easy and quick to get rich then why isn’t everyone? There are plenty of those over the internet to throw your hard earned cash at if you so wish.

Building wealth is simple but that does not necessarily make it easy.

For me the first £100K took 9 years of working; I am now 30. At 21 I was fresh out of university with around -£23K to my name. If I knew back then what I know now and want to share with you, I would have significantly decreased the number of years this took. I also don’t believe that going to university led me to reaching this target any sooner, probably delaying more than anything (but that is a chat for another time).

I have made financial mistakes along the way and I want to share those with you as well.

The way I want to guide you on building wealth will still enable us to enjoy our lives and pay for the things we want to do. On my journey to £100K my wife and I got married, we moved house twice and ended up becoming doggy parents to a blue Staffy who devours all dog toys in minutes. I am a huge fan of promoting happiness and don’t want you getting rid of those things that bring true happiness for the sake of a bit more money.

Don't let the puppy dog eyes or spit bubble on the end of her tongue fool you!

I can’t wait to post what I have to share with you. Are you energised to kick-start your journey?

If you know anybody who is looking to build their wealth let them know The Mindful £100K series is starting now.

Subscribe or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you are kept updated with posts from The Mindful £100K series. You can check out the next post of the series here.

You can also get in touch with me at



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