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The Buff summary - April 2020

Month 1 Hello fellow Protagonists, The Daily Buff has had its first full month of life. I have really enjoyed writing The Daily Buff’s posts all month. In many ways it feels like a mixture of a hobby, a reflective practice and has also led to days at work where I wish I was creating more on the The Daily Buff instead.

There have been no problems coming home after a full day at work to then start blogging. This might be easier than normal at this time due to fewer other options during the lock-down.

I would seriously encourage people who have thought about starting a blog in their spare time, to give it a go. I do feel that I have seen a slight improvement to my writing over the month, which will help me in many other ways than just on here.

For me a short 3000-4000 character post takes a bit longer than I first assumed it would to publish. People will have their own pace and experience will probably change this but a good learning point. For me the whole process seems to take around 4 hours at the moment.

Number of posts published this month

11 - Check out which ones you have not read yet.

Number of visits this month


I wanted to share this to show The Daily Buff from the first month. Some people may hit a blog with thousands of visitors instantly, maybe this is because they are already famous. I want to use this information so that other new bloggers do not get disheartened with small numbers when seeing blogs and YouTube videos with 1 Million views after its first week.

So I will be taking my own advice here to not worry about visits and focus on trying to write blogs Protagonists enjoy reading and that I enjoy writing.

Number of post views this month


This means that some people are reading one post and then moving on to the next, which I am happy to see as it hopefully means you are finding posts interesting and want to read more.

Most viewed post of the month


I was pleasantly surprised to see a post in my first month reach close to 100 views. 12 more views and we have a milestone! Thank you to those who read this post.

Underdog of the month

Give it some love and see if you have missed a hidden gem... or its just a poor post.

Key moment of the month

Definitely being included in last Fridays twitter post from Personal Finance Blogs as a blog to read over the weekend. I love reading blogs that suggest readings so was thrilled here.

Goals for May and what to work on Keeping to things that I can control. I cannot control an increase in blog views or site visits unless I personally click on The Daily Buff more times than people did the previous month, and what would be the point in that. I could also pay for views/likes which I believe is something you can do. I think I would rather spend that money on coffee, books and a couple of games thanks (I have my eyes on Trails in the Sky).

So two main goals:

At least 2 posts a week - 3 would be preferable More interim Tweets and Facebook updates as I tend to only post up new blogs right now.

Was there a post you particularly enjoyed this week, let me know? What do you want to see in May?



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