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The Buff summary - May 2020

Month 2

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Two months in with The Daily Buff.

As you will see, this month was not as lucrative as my first month. This is a great piece of first hand experience in dealing with minor set backs. To use these as opportunities to learn and develop rather than becoming disheartened, which can easily be done.

So lets have a look into the details for May 2020.

Number of posts published this month


The same as last month, which I am happy with. I have pages of ideas so no concerns on drying up yet people.

Here are the posts of the month so you can read any you have not yet managed to:

You are the CEO, so get yourself a new door sign Let's talk about assets baby, let's talk about you and me

Number of visits this month

192 (down from 290)

As highlighted above I knew this was going to be lower than last month when starting to collect the info for this post.

Sometimes when we are reporting things more publicly we can hit a wall where we do not want to share negative trends. I want to carry on being open with you all and sharing this information, through increases and decreases.

The way that I see it is like when we look at most stock and share prices. over a long period of time they may look like they have always increased. It is only when you zoom in on the graph that it will show mini peaks and troughs.

You will only know if things will improve by sticking around to see.

Number of post views this month

163 (down from 314)

The part here that is interesting for me is that I have a higher number of site visits than post views this month. Maybe this is a learning curve on how some people search blogs, or a lesson somewhere in making the page, headings etc... grabbing more attention.

Most viewed post of the month


About half the views of the highest viewed post of last month, which helps to provide some useful context.

Key moment of the month

I think that it would be my posts in total having now received over 500 views collectively since the grand opening of The Daily Buff. Picking out small achievements where I can and also feeling gratitude for those who have read any of my posts.

It was only just over a couple of months ago when The Daily Buff didn't even exist in this vast electronic desert.

For those who read my previous summary you would know that I do not set goals around visits or post views but I do reflect on past numbers to help guide my future decision making.

Goals from April and goals for May

My previous goals were to:

Create 2 posts a week

I have 11 posts over the month (13 if you count April's summary and this one) This would achieve my goal. I believe continuing with 2 a week is a good goal for me in my current situation.

My second goal was to send more interim Tweets and Facebook updates. I have been increasing this as well as joining a couple of groups with like minded individuals which has been helpful to receive and share advice. I also believe this has led to a few more Facebook likes over the month.

Still in early days and I definitely have not had my spirit dampened. The Daily Buff continues!

Which posts did you find particularly helpful or thought provoking this month? Has anyone else had a set back they are ready to break through?



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