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The infinite cycle of the tortoise and the hare

Which training camp are you under?

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Hopefully everyone is aware of the childhood story of the tortoise and the hare. I have discovered a new found love of old tales, with what appear to be very simple messages attached. This is because these messages can run a lot deeper and be applied to many aspects of life, even the more complicated stuff.

There is a reason these stories have been around for so long and still shared to this day. This story in particular has been available in printed version since the 16th century, on VHS since the 1970's and on minidisc for about 6 months of the 2000's before USBs were a thing.

To jog (thank you) peoples' memories about this story, the tortoise and the hare have a race and the hare gets so far ahead that he decides to wander into a local boozer as he feels the race is already won. The hare gets trashed off Pilsner, chucks up what looks like carrot (don't we all) and passes out in a Biffa bin... or something like that.

The tortoise then goes on to win the race. The basic moral of the story is something like "slow and steady wins the race".

Does it all end there, I don't believe so.

What if there was a race but instead of a single tortoise and a single hare, there were thousands and thousands of hares and tortoises (it should be tortie). All are involved in a never ending competition to determine who the true winner really is.

A race across all of time.

I mean you surely cannot determine an outcome based on one race can you? That would just be silly. Like marathon/Olympic sprinting/any race I have ever known, kind of silly.

In an attempt to continue the future of this never ending race, they set up both tortoise and hare training camps to create their next generation of athletes. There is even merch!

Some (but not all) of the fastest hares are the coaches to other hares. Some coaches have impressive times in training and others just look really fast without the need to prove it, I mean just look at them!

The hares are pissed off that their species has been tarnished by this historical loss and the only way to break this curse is to try and become even faster, more successful in a shorter space of time. This would then prove to all that speed is key and that the first race was just a fluke.

The hare training camp is tough as it demands huge input and sacrifice from it's members. Hares are ranked on a vast wall in order of fastest to slowest. They used to do this with PE long distance running back in my high school. Everyone in the year could see if you were training hard enough or not. To be at the bottom of the list brought pure shame on your ancestors.

Damn your eyes! you hear them call.

If you do not win the race then you obviously didn't put the graft in or you didn't truly want it enough. It's a stressful place but hares know that is what is required for greatness.

Completing and winning the race is now the only thing that matters to the hares. This is not just any race but arguably the most important race in the world to them.

These hares are ready to tear up some tortoises! Chanting the famous words of Captain Ivan Drago "If he dies he dies". A sad time to be a tortoise.

Or is it?

The funny thing is that if you were to ask a tortoise about the upcoming race, they have absolutely no idea what on Earth you are talking about.

Not a clue.

Take what you will from this post but these training camps do exists and this Protagonist started his journey in one training camp and moved to the other over time.

Over 400 years have passed and the story of the tortoise and the hare is still the same, maybe minus the Pilsner.

Also, If you are interested in meanings behind famous childhood stories and want to have your mind blown then watch Jordan Peterson discuss the story of Pinocchio.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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