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Thoughts on a random Monday

On purpose, possessions and service

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Another great episode of Rich House Poor House last night with a 21 year old worth over £3,000,000. When discussing what he did to make his millions, this was essentially online drop-shipping.

For those who do not know what drop-shipping is, this is usually a website where you sell things you do not physically own, create a link to buy that item from a cheaper part of the world and sell this on to the buyer (you) for a profit.

Essentially you are a middle person to make sure people pay more money for something than it is initially worth. This without designing, making, owning or storing any of the products.

That is all I am willing to say on this particular matter.

Watching programmes such as these often leave me thinking about how I can make my own fortune. I want to share with you the usual cycle and battle that occurs following this.

I wonder if you get the same emotional response to programmes such as this, or shows on how the extreme rich live. I know you are out there as otherwise they wouldn't put these shows on.

I think about how to earn more money, I may watch a few YouTube videos on how to build wealth, which we all know is a minefield in itself. 90% are either selling us a "secret trick", or just regurgitating the same old information that most of us already knew after watching one upload, or reading a book.

Dreams soon follow of more disposable income, more money into my personal property or other properties, more investments etc...

Things feel pretty great for a moment until then I wonder... Why?

Why does it matter if I have more money, more properties, more investments?

What is the purpose of this? The truth of the mater is that this purpose is a difficult one to justify.

In the past I have used reasons such as freedom, which is and always will be an important goal.

That depends on what your interpretation of freedom is. I have had a pop at discussing freedom in posts such as this and this. Only scratching the surface and wanting to discuss more down the line.

The next problem is that Just because we have a lot of wealth, this does not directly correlate to living a life of purpose.

You can have a lot to live on with nothing to live for.

What is the point of comparing wealth to that of a different person. The simple act of comparison is assuming the baseline which we are using to measure (money) is the right and meaningful criteria.

There is a library full of reading, research and quotes to tell us otherwise.

Material possessions are nice but are impermanent, some within months, weeks, days, or even minutes of ownership. The latest is that they go when we go as we cannot personally own something if we are not around to own it.

The best use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it - William James

So what is the answer?

Well that is the true three million dollar question.

As I discussed in my last post, I have decided to read the Bible. Nowhere near completing this by the way.

The message from this seems pretty clear and that is, to serve.

To serve one another, to serve our strengths and weaknesses, to serve something bigger than our own existence.

Not necessarily God, as in a deity, just something bigger than little old me. To those who have not read my last post, give it a go, though important to mention I do not class myself as being of any particular religion.

I will admit that I do not know enough about service yet to go any further on the topic today but I plan to in the future as there seems to be something there.

Food for thought.

If money is not the answer as it is impermanent.

If happiness is not the answer as it is a fleeting bi-product rather than a goal.

If personal achievement is also questionable due to the influence of external factors out of our control.

Could there be something found is service?

Have a great day all.

GLHF (Good Luck Have Fun)


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