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Day 1: 20 day weight loss challenge

With a valuable lesson straight off the bat

Hello fellow Protagonists,

The first day as a self-elected guinea pig to see how much change we can make if we really focus on something for 20 days.

For those who read my last post, I weighed myself on the evening before this first day to demonstrate how our weight can change depending on the time of day we weigh ourselves. Here is the initial post if you have just started here.

My weight that evening was 119kg (18st 10lb)

The following morning this was 118.2kg (18st 8lb)

When we wake up lighter in the morning this is basically down to water loss through the night, through breathing, sweating and a sprinkling of dead skin flakes. Human bodies are delightful aren't they?

How it looks to sweat off 2 lbs sleeping through the night

Weigh yourself in the morning whilst at a nice lower number and then top up your water levels straight after. This also depends on how much (and of what) we ate and drank the day before.

A great reminder and a key lesson on my first day has been just how automated we can be in our actions.

I have decided to continue to drink my morning coffee with a splash of milk but no added sugar or sweeteners. I knew this and I was cool with this. I even told myself this when I woke up in case I forgot.

As soon as I started to make my coffee I instantly grabbed the sugar pot and added a spoon, which is exactly what I have been doing up until this point. Although I knew I was not going to add any sugar to my coffee I still did it.

Obviously I swilled that cup down the sink and made a new one though it doesn't help but make me realise how even the smallest actions are automatic, built in our minds through repetition.

The part of my mind that added the spoon of sugar was on a completely different galaxy to the part that is ready to make some changes.

This is especially relevant when we have just woken up, are tired, hungry or have certain emotions going on.

We have to stay in control and flick the switch to consciously decide what we are doing, like whether or not we are adding anything to our drinks, if we want to begin to change a habit.

The rest of the day went as planned and in the evening a garden workout was delivered by our neighbour.

Other people leading and deciding the exercises for us is great for doing exercises we would never do by choice down the gym; exercises that make us uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and challenging situations are where we grow and develop as people but also physically.

For those of you who have also decided to turn yourself into a guinea pig to see what progress you can achieve in 20 days, I would love to hear from you.

We have started the process now, it is already in motion so let's see what tomorrow brings.

Start weight - 119kg

Day 1 - 118.2kg

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