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Day 12-17: 20 day weight loss challenge

Don't leave your weight progress down to chance

Hello fellow Protagonists,

My last post finished on 115.5 kg (18st 2lb)

In a positive way things have been steadily consistent over these 5 days. Days 12-17 of the 20 day weight loss challenge have now passed and we are very close to completing this little experiment.

In a nutshell I had a little rise at the beginning of this period and then bits of weight gradually chipped away after that. Though this has got me thinking.

I think that this could be a challenge that people face who weigh themselves only once a week. Maybe, for example, on some of the more popular weight loss programmes out here in the UK.

I understand that we do not want to obsess about our weight and what number shows up on the scale. There are far better ways to monitor how we are doing and I will focus on one of these in this post.

Weighing ourselves only once a week leaves the results to a bit of luck or chance. Some days I am just heavier than others and on some days I am surprisingly lighter.

If I only weighed myself on day 1 (118.2 kg) and then decided to randomly step on the scales on day 12 (116.2 kg), I would be happy that some progression had been made but I would only be seeing half of the picture.

This could be argued as a heavier day for me and in reality I have made more progress then I may realise.

Or worse, I could weigh myself on an unusually light day, think I am doing amazing and over indulge afterwards.

I have known people who weigh in somewhere once a week and practically starve themselves the day before or on the day of the weigh in. I think weighing ourselves more frequently prevents this gamble.

The same people would also talk about going to the chip shop after weigh in to reward themselves for the week. An interesting cycle.

If I am weighing myself more frequently then this is not down to luck or chance anymore. I am able to spot trends. I will not be as annoyed with increases in weight on one particular morning because I am starting to see how small rises can then follow with consistent drops over the following days.

This happened on days 3 and 12 for me.

Back to what I was saying around other ways to monitor weight loss and deciding to eat healthier. It is amazing how after losing only 4 (ish) kg, my usual clothes are already starting to feel better. And in reality this is only after dropping around 3% of my body weight.

Imagine what 10% would feel like!

Numbers are only indicators at the end of the day but feeling better putting our clothes on each morning is something far more motivating than any figure or chart could ever provide.

Day 17 finished on 114.4 kg (18st)

Start weight - 119 kg

Day 1 - 118.2 kg

2 - 117.4 kg

3 - 117.7 kg

4 - 117.2 kg

5 - 117.2 kg

6 - 116.6 kg

7 - 116.6 kg

8 - 116.5 kg

9 - 116.3 kg

10 - 115.6 kg

11 - 115.5 kg

12 - 116.2 kg

13 - 116.2 kg

14 - 115.8 kg

15 - 115.4 kg

16 - 114.9 kg

17 - 114.4 kg

18 -

19 -

20 -

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