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Day 10 & 11: 20 day weight loss challenge

Over the hill

Hello fellow Protagonists

Day 9 weight was 116.3 kg (18st 4lb)

A surprising drop in weight occurred over day 10 and 11.

Day 10 weight was 115.6 kg (18st 2lb)

Day 11 weight was 115.5 kg (18st 2lb)

This seems to have come from nowhere so I will be interested to see if it will stay that way or increase a little afterwards. 0.7 kg is not far off from 2 lbs which seems a little crazy for one day at this point in the journey.

Already this little experiment is starting to feel like it is getting to its final push. It is strange how we can start to respond as soon as we pass the magical half-way point of most things.

It is like hitting the half way point on a piece of exercise equipment, like a treadmill, and suddenly it feels more like we are running downhill after that mid point.

We can start counting down rather than up.

Around 115 kg was my pre-Covid (Early 2020) weight and one of the reasons why I feel this little experiment was worth trying in the first place was to remove the poundage that months of lock-down had influenced.

We all know this is a lie because lock-down didn't force me to eat more junk and enjoy a few more beers. That was all on me Buff people.

Anyway, even finishing around 115 kg at the 20 day point may show that 6 months of steady weight gain can be countered with a few weeks of intense focus.

I am sure I am not the only person out there in this predicament. Get started and see what you can do in just 20 days!

9 days left to go and I am excited to see what will come out of this at the end.

Start weight - 119 kg

Day 1 - 118.2 kg

2 - 117.4 kg

3 - 117.7 kg

4 - 117.2 kg

5 - 117.2 kg

6 - 116.6 kg

7 - 116.6 kg

8 - 116.5 kg

9 - 116.3 kg

10 - 115.6 kg

11 - 115.5 kg

12 -

13 -

14 -

15 -

16 -

17 -

18 -

19 -

20 -

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