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New - Sunday blog binge

Catching up with The Daily Buff and other Buff posts as well

Hello fellow Protagonists,

I want to use one post each week, on a Sunday, to revisit The Daily Buff posts from the week (and sometimes the more distant past), to share posts from other blogs that I have enjoyed reading and update you with any other Buff news.

I love how some blogs pull their information together for a real blog binge. My blog binging days tend to fall on Sunday and Monday. One of my favourites currently being The Monevator with their Weekend reading, if you are as interested in personal finance as I am I suggest you check it out.

I also want you other Buff bloggers out in the great sandbox to get in touch with your recent blog posts around personal development, personal finance and spirituality. Email, get in touch with me on Facebook and Twitter, or comment on the bottom of this post with your link. I will read through them all and will post up my personal favourites the following Sunday.

The Daily Buff posts from the week - Have you checked them all out yet?

One dark-side of personal development - A look into how consistent self-improvement can turn ugly if we do not know how to manage it. A different take on the usual smiles and high-fives of personal development. This post has been the second most viewed on the blog to date, see what you think of it.

Financial Intelligence - Why money won’t always solve your money problems - A long title that didn't fit into the current post format (lesson learnt). If you have ever caught yourself saying "I could if I only had more money" this would be the read for you.

Just how much harder is it for a Millennial to buy a house - Is it true or just an excuse? Also a look at an alternative option to just waiting and saving more for a house deposit.

Am I going to lose my job? - Picking up on recent news around UK lay-offs and how to cope with the anxiety and worry if we feel we are next.

Posts from the great sandbox

Bullshit Jobs - This week I have finally bought the book Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber. Take a look at the Strike post from back in 2013 that started it all off. With all the advances in technology and the new speed of communication, why are we still required to work 40 hours a week? Be prepared for all kinds of thoughts after reading this folks.

Inventing Narratives - From Seth's blog. This is an amazing place for very short posts and comments that pack a punch. A reminder from Seth that our story can change if we want it to.

Why you should pay off credit card debt - If pretty much every personal finance blogger is sharing this advice, it has got to be worth something. Yourmoneysorted sending us all a reminder just how dangerous credit cards can be.

I did a post on credit cards back in May.

From next week I want to include your posts that you send me. I want to see some underdog bloggers with wisdom to share. We all love an underdog.



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