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Sunday Blog Binge 3

Hello fellow Protagonists,

We are back again for another round of thought provoking posts.

This week has had a focus on habits with both of The Daily Buff's posts being linked to our repeated behaviours.

If it is true that we are what we repeatedly do then by changing our habits we can change who we are as adventurers.

Here are the two posts from this week for you to catch up on:

Are habits good or bad for us? - A question at the core of habits. Some habits help us and some are simply killing us, so should we see them as a good or bad thing? This post also looks into how habits are formed.

Get your reps in - How to strengthen habits and improve on those skills we want. There is also a clear difference between planning something and actually doing something which some people can use as a delaying tactic.

Posts from around the great sandbox:

Showing Up Even When You’re Not Feeling It - A nice post from zen habits on whether we should be waiting to want to complete tasks or if this is an illogical way of thinking.

4 Ways to Make Daily Progress on Goals - Definitely in line with my posts through the week so this caught my attention. There are so many stories you hear about people who just commit to a single act each day and see great reward/achievement as a result.

Job hopping: Is it good or bad? - The most recent post from Ramit. This instantly drew my attention as I also focused a post on it here. It is great to be able to read posts from successful bloggers on topics that I have also covered as there will be great lessons to take.

How to Start a Speech: The Best (and Worst) Speech Openers - This is a refreshing post from Vanessa Van Edwards with something a little different. Taking and analysing famous opening lines to speeches.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Remember to send me your recent posts on Personal development, finance or spirituality and maybe they will appear on next Sunday's Blog Binge.

If you come across an interesting article or post feel free to send them my way.

Read last week's Sunday Blog Binge here.



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