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Sunday Blog Binge 2

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy this week's binge.

Catch up on posts from The Daily Buff this week:

How to start your own revolution - Reading Bullsh*t Jobs through the week has brought out the mini revolutionary in me. A take on how the way we choose to spend our money can have dramatic impacts on the world around us.

Can you avoid selling your time? - Is the advice from certain financial gurus "To stop selling our time for money" realistic? If not then how can we get the best rate for our time?

Why we all should push for the 4 day work week - What is research starting to say about a 4 day work week and is this something we could look forward to it the future?

Interesting articles from the great sandbox:

There is talk about capital gains tax on house appreciation - If we were taxed on the appreciation on our houses do you think this would lead more people to continue renting or to move less frequently? This worries me a little and I hope that it only stays as talk.

Side hustles may not be as simple as some put them out to be - An interesting perspective on how long it can take for side hustles to actually start making an income and how the traditional job suits many.

16 questions to get to know ourselves a bit better - who doesn't like this kind of post.

Selected bloggers who got in touch this week

A new blogger got in touch with me this week Confidentwithcookie with her post about gratitude,what caught my attention with this post was including some of the health benefits for showing gratitude but also that Cookie writes her posts in two different languages at the same time! Impressive.

Send me your recent posts on Personal development, finance or spirituality and maybe they will appear on next Sunday's Blog Binge.

If you come across an interesting article or post feel free to send them my way.

Read last week's Sunday Blog Binge here.

Also, thank you all again for the 1000 views to date for The Daily Buff.



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