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Day 2: 20 day weight loss challenge

Why we can lose a lot of weight early into a change of diet

Hello fellow Protagonists,

Weighing in at the same time this morning.

My previous day's weight was 118.2 (18st 8lb)

Today's weight is 117.4 (18st 6lb)

A great start though we need to add some context.

For those who have ever changed their diet up and ate well for a day may have also seen weight loss like this in a single day.

It is important to realise that a drop in weight this quick is going to be a mixture of things rather than pure fat loss.

This will be a combination of:

  1. Water loss due to eating less sodium

  2. Water loss due to eating less carbohydrates

  3. Hopefully a small amount of fat loss

  4. Some lean muscle loss due to reduced calories

Check out some more details here

It is also instantly clear how different I feel in energy levels when avoiding foods and drinks high in carbohydrates and sugar. I am still getting hungry before meals but not losing energy before meals.

It can be strange to separate out these two concepts as some of us tend to eat to try and gain some energy but this has not been the case when focusing on eating the way I have been today.

It is a nice change of pace to know that I can be hungry and energetic at the same time.

From the basic amount I know on the topic this is down to fewer sugar spikes and more stable insulin levels throughout the day, alongside other hormones that regulate things like our hunger and fullness.

I could not think of much worse when changing our food plan than purposely forcing ourselves to be in a constant state of hunger all day. That would only last so long before we crack and eat our body weight in toast and pasta.

We will see what comes but right now I feel like this is more than sustainable. It is always easier on those early days though isn't it?

Start weight - 119 kg

Day 1 - 118.2 kg

2 - 117.4 kg

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