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Day 3 & 4: 20 day weight loss challenge

What to do on the days we gain weight when trying to lose weight

Hello fellow Protagonists,

On my last post my weight was 117.4 kg (18st 6lb)

I have combined days 3 and 4 together in one post as a regular stumbling block occurred and deciding what we do in these situations is vital to get the outcome we are aiming for.

Day 3 weight was 117.7 kg (18st 7lb)

A 0.3 kg gain!

This can be a confusing time for some people as continuing to follow the same general rules can lead to a 1lb weight loss one day and a 1lb weight gain the next day.

The ultra-secret trick here is... to do nothing at all and carry on with the plan.

Some of us may think that we have got the wrong plan or it is not working for us. If we are gaining weight then it can feel like something has got to be wrong?

Day to day information is not enough to base a decision on whether something is working or not. Our weight can change quite unexpectedly and we can have heavy days and light days.

At the 20 day mark we would begin to have some understanding if we are making the right decision.

There is no way on this planet that eating healthier options and cutting out processed carbs and sugar will lead to gaining weight over the long term.

You know this and I know this.

So we just continue.

After gaining weight I continued to eat in exactly the same way and on the next day,

My weight dropped to 117.2 kg (18st 6lb)

0.5 kg back off again.

Things tend to balance themselves out again when we take a step back.

We can quite easily jump to conclusions and make impulsive decisions if we let our minds get the better of us.

I recently made a post about how we can get so caught up in perfecting getting something right and changing our tact so frequently that we end up not making any progress.

Start weight - 119 kg

Day 1 - 118.2 kg

2 - 117.4 kg

3 - 117.7 kg

4 - 117.2 kg

5 -

6 -

7 -

8 -

9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -

13 -

14 -

15 -

16 -

17 -

18 -

19 -

20 -

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