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Day 5 & 6: 20 day weight loss challenge

You can get used to things quicker than you may think

Hello fellow Protagonists,

The weight loss challenge is going well.

On my last post my weight was 117.2 kg (18st 6lb). Check it out if you haven't managed to yet.

The revelation over the last couple of days is around how quickly our minds can adjust to a new normal. There has not been a single part over these two days where I have wanted for bread, pasta, sweets, chocolate or beer. All things that I love.

Maybe this is because I have a very simple guide of not consuming any of these things. I think if I was to set myself a goal to eat just 2 cookies a day, for example, this could be far more difficult to control as I then would have the taste for them and my mind justifying to me why I can have another 2.

This is also something to revisit once the 20 day challenge is over because I would like to reintroduce some of these treats back in moderation.

It also helps that I am still eating things that I do enjoy and look forward to like steak, cheese and honey.

The key point is that eventually the things we think we need to eat/drink each day to keep us happy begin to fade with time and can fade a lot sooner than we may realise.

Our minds want to find a balance of contentment and return to a base level of happiness following both positive and negative experiences. If this means being content with not eating cookies then that is what has to happen.

I could quite happily sit next to someone eating a chocolate bar right now and not be devastated. I know this because I had to do just that today.

Day 5 weight remained at 117.2 kg (18st 6lb)

Day 6 weight is 116.6 kg (18st 5lb)

I am beginning to notice a trend in how my body decides to drop weight. I will drop 1lb in a day, then the following day I remain the same, like my body is adjusting to that new weight for a day, before dropping some more.

Early days to really tell but we shall see.

Start weight - 119 kg

Day 1 - 118.2 kg

2 - 117.4 kg

3 - 117.7 kg

4 - 117.2 kg

5 - 117.2 kg

6 - 116.6 kg

7 -

8 -

9 -

10 -

11 -

12 -

13 -

14 -

15 -

16 -

17 -

18 -

19 -

20 -

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